Midsummer’s fair at Pärnu Market 22.06.2024

On June 22, a beautiful summer Saturday before Jaane, a nice fair day will take place again at the Pärnu Market. You can once again shop to the accompaniment of the “Väliharf” band and definitely spin a little



Information for traders:


  • * Registration of traders for the Välituru event takes place from the relevant announcement and until there are enough places.
  • * We will notify you of confirmation or non-confirmation of registration by e-mail as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • * Guarantees a trading place at the event invoice paid on time:

Table 1 m – price 25.-
(depending on the quantity of your goods, please pay according to the number of meters.
indication: if you want 3 meters of table space then the amount that should be paid 3 x 25 = 75.00 €)

Table 3m – price 80.-
It is also possible to use 1/2 board, i.e. 1.5m

(depending on the quantity of your goods, please pay according to the surface of the table.
example: if you want 1.5 meters (1/2 table surface, the amount that should be paid: €40.00)

Väliturg OÜ
LHV Pank a/a EE557700771006083305
Explanation: Trader’s name, goods you sell, “JAANILAAT”

  • * At outdoor market events at Pärnu Market, you can trade anything that fits the concept of Pärnu Market. We prefer consumer, decorative or food products that are of local origin and / or organic. Examples of goods are: horticultural products, forest products, plants, foodstuffs, handicrafts and consumer goods. Depending on the nature of the special event, other items are exceptionally suitable for trading. The selection of goods must be agreed in advance with a representative of Pärnu Market.
  • * In Pärnu Market, it is possible to trade at the place provided by Väliturg OÜ. By agreement, you can also participate in events with your own point of sale, e.g. tent. The choice, location and area of ​​the sales point will be coordinated with the representative of Väliturg OÜ during the booking process or on site before the Event. It is prohibited to change the place of trading without the permission of Väliturg OÜ.
  • * Väliturg OÜ is not responsible for goods left on the territory of the market overnight. Please make sure your goods are securely packed and removed from the territory.
  • * Traders who need electricity, please indicate the list of electrical equipment they use and the consumption volume when registering. All electrical equipment must be in working order and comply with CEE standards. Electricity consumption is subject to a surcharge. NB! Make sure you bring the necessary extension cords with you to the event!
  • * Each trader is responsible for the cleanliness of his trading place during trading and at the end of the event he hands over a clean trading place, incl. takes the generated waste to the intended place.


The customer has the right to cancel his reservation and withdraw from the contract. In this case, the client undertakes to pay compensation to the Event organizer:

  • * in case of cancellation of the reservation or withdrawal from the contract more than 30 days before the event – office costs 25.- euros
  • * in case of cancellation of the reservation or withdrawal from the contract 30 days or less before the event – 100% of the cost of the place
  • * The customer is obliged to pay the aforementioned compensation within 5 working days from the cancellation of the reservation or withdrawal from the contract. The organizer of the event has the right to set off the above-mentioned compensations with the amounts paid in advance by the Client.
  • * If neither party has canceled the contract, but the client does not appear at the Event or cannot participate in the Event for reasons beyond the control of the Event organizer, the advance payment is not refundable to the Client.

The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with: Trading conditions at Pärnu Market as well as with other materials introducing the Event provided by the Event organizer to the Client for the event and organization


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