VIDEO SURVEILLANCE in the building and on the territory of Pärnu Market

  • The company uses cameras and camera recordings in the building and on the territory to identify offences.


  • The Pärnu Market company has an analytical video surveillance system. Analytical video surveillance and technical surveillance is provided by SCARABEUS Security Service.


  • Cameras monitor the customers of the market in the building, on the territory as well as in the parking lot. The cameras do not record continuously, but the recording is activated when a hazard criterion occurs.


Right of access to the recording:

Each person has the right to access the recording depicting him or her.

Please contact by email to request a recording, not later that the day following the event.

Please provide the necessary information in written form.

  1. Your first and family name
  2. For what purpose would you like to view the recording?
  3. Date and time of the event
  4. Exact location of the event


Before asking for a recording, please make sure that you are indeed the person captured on the recording!

To view the recording, you will be contacted, and a time will be agreed when you can view it.

A copy of the recording shall be issued only to the investigating authorities (Personal Data Protection Act § 19)

However, when examining the recording, it must be taken into account that the recording may also contain personal data of other persons.

The granting of access to the personal data of other persons, including their transfer to a third party, is governed by Personal Data Protection Act §  14 (2).

In the recording, third parties are made unrecognizable.

In doing so, please note that people are also recognizable by their clothes, gait, etc., so blurring faces alone may not be enough, so please note that third parties are not identifiable on the recording.

Offences are dealt with by the police and the police have the right to demand the security recording in its original form.

The recordings are processed and issued by SCARABEUS JULGESTUSTEENISTUS OÜ

The recording is kept for 7 days.